Freed 2004




Freed 2004

Written and Directed by Matthew Martelli
Produced by Tony and Debbie Martelli

August 13, 14, 15
St. John the Evangelist School Auditorium
Severna Park, MD

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In ancient Israel, the people cry out for the long-awaited Messiah. A prophet named Jesus claims to be the expected Savior, but political and supernatural forces are striving to convince the people otherwise. As Jesus’ mission becomes more dangerous for him and his followers, it is up to a few unlikely heroes to fight for the Lord they love and lead God’s people to freedom.

1--Freed Cast

2--Freed Rehearsal

3--Last Supper



6--Marcus and Susannah

FREED and all characters and story contained therein are protected by federal copyright laws. © 2004 Matthew Martelli
Freed 2004
Production Information
Author/Director: Matthew Martelli
Producers: Tony and Debbie Martelli
Stage Manager: Patrick Robison
Asst. Stage Manager: Brendan O’Leary
House Manager: Debbie Martelli
Publicity Manager: Debbie Martelli
Videographer: Laura McIntyre
Set Design: Matthew and Tony Martelli
Sound Design: Tim Phillips
Costume Design: Allison Raber
Makeup/Jewelry: Shannon Evans, Katherine Link
Lighting Design: Patrick Robison


Seth David Katherine Link Fallon Pyles
Emily Davies Amanda Loepker Michele Russo
Ricky Davis Mark S. Loepker Mickey Ruttum
Shannon Evans Sandy Loepker Katherine Sanford
Ashley Gerheiser Michael Martelli Niki Sirois
Ashley Gladden Megan McKinney Katelyn Somers
Carrie Gross Megan Nappi Mason Unger
Joshua Guenther Carly Phillips Wyatt Unger
Maria Jaunakais Olivia Pittman Ed Wintermute
Michael Kalkavage Monica Przybysz


Kathy Smith (piano)            Tracy Garrett (violin)