Last Rights 2003





Last Rights 2003

Written and Directed by Matthew Martelli
Produced by Tony and Debbie Martelli

August 1, 2, 8, 9, 10
Humanities Building Lecture Hall
Anne Arundel Community College, Arnold, MD

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Three lives in the balance—an unborn child, an ailing millionaire, and a death-row inmate—intertwine in this dark and stirring musical. One woman unites them all, and she must face both dangers without and the demons within as she struggles to make sense of life. Haunting melodies and dramatic confrontations tell a memorable story of life, death, and the choices in between.

1--Last Rights Cast


3--Jimmy and Maria

4--The News

5--Fr Martini Visits

6--Maria at the Clinic Door

Last Rights and all characters and story contained therein are protected by federal copyright laws. ©  2003 Matthew Martelli
Last Rights 2003
Production Information
Author/Director: Matthew Martelli
Producers: Tony and Debbie Martelli
Stage Manager:Amy Casanova
House Manager: Maryanne Gross
Publicity Manager: Debbie Martelli
Videographer: Laura McIntyre
Set Design: Matthew and Tony Martelli
Sound Design: Rod Mann
Costume Design:Alexandra Bifareti, Jennie Harrison
Lighting Design: Patrick Robison
Technical Advisor: Alex Brady


Shane Boyle Katherine Link Fallon Pyles
Shannon Evans Amanda Loepker Michele Russo
Carrie Gross Matthew Martelli Katelyn Somers
David Hancock Michael Martelli Cathy Tardif
Jennie Harrison Paula Nowakowski Kristina Tardif
Maria Jaunakais Elaine Pyles Ed Wintermute


Kathy Smith (piano)            Tracy Garrett (violin)