Letting Go 2005


Letting Go 2005

Written and Directed by Matthew Martelli and
Joshua Guenther
Produced by Tony and Debbie Martelli

July 29, 30, 31, August 5, 6, 7
Pascal Center for the Performing Arts
Anne Arundel Community College, Arnold, MD

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When every worldly sign seems to indicate that Jesus’ mission is bound to be a failure, the challenge to believe becomes frighteningly real. The apostles, Jesus’ family, and two unlikely searchers grow to love Jesus and find their lives transformed by his message. But when everything falls apart, the men and women closest to Jesus must make the hardest of choices: to succumb to despair or to bet everything on a faith that defies explanation.

1--Wedding at Cana

2--The Red Women

3--Simon and the Soldiers

4--The Priests Plot


6--Jesus Teaches

Letting Go and all characters and story contained therein are protected by federal copyright laws. © 2005 Matthew Martelli and Joshua Guenther
Letting Go 2005
Production Information
Author/Director: Matthew Martelli
Author/Asst. Director: Joshua Guenther
Producers: Tony and Debbie Martelli
Stage Manager: Brendan O’Leary
Asst. Stage Manager: David McGady
House Manager: Debbie Martelli
Publicity Manager: Debbie Martelli
Set Design: Joshua Guenther, Matthew Martelli
Sound Design: Tim Phillips
Costume Design: Carrie Gross
Asst. Costume Design: Maryanne Gross
Makeup/Hair Design: Shannon Evans
Lighting Design: Patrick Robison
Videographer: Laura McIntyre


Morgan Bannon Michael Kalkavage Jennifer O’Leary
Greg Coale Bethany Lamolinara Carly Phillips
Emily Davies Amanda Loepker Michele Russo
Ricky Davis Mark S. Loepker Katherine Sanford
Shannon Evans Michael MacDonald Elizabeth Seaman
Yvonne Finne Benjamin Mallare Kristina Tardif
Scott Gajewski Stephen Mulry Mason Unger
Julia Giokas Megan Nappi Wyatt Unger
Maria Jaunakais


Diane Shaffer (piano)            Tracy Garrett (violin)