The Appeal 2006



The Appeal 2006

Written and Directed by Matthew Martelli
Produced by Tony and Debbie Martelli

August 5, 6, 11, 12, 13
Pascal Center for the Performing Arts
Anne Arundel Community College, Arnold, MD

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When Lucifer appeals his exile from Heaven, the Archangels are up in arms once again. This time, however, legal proceedings take the place of a Heavenly battle. The familiar characters are there, along with some new ones, and there’s enough music, miracles, and mayhem to keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s “the trial of the millennium,” so be prepared to hear the news that could turn Heaven upside-down!

1--The Appeal Cast and Crew

2--Lucifers Office

3--The Messenger Arrives

4--The Watchers

5--Lucifers Appeal

6--Exhibit H

The Appeal and all characters and story contained therein are protected by federal copyright laws. © 2006 Matthew Martelli
The Appeal 2006
Production Information
Author/Director: Matthew Martelli
Producers: Tony and Debbie Martelli
Stage Manager: Brendan O’Leary
House Manager: Krista Davies
Publicity Manager: Tony Martelli
Videographer: Laura McIntyre
Set Design: Tony, Debbie, Matthew Martelli
Sound Design: Tim Phillips
Costume Design: Carrie Gross
Asst. Costume Design: Maryanne Gross
Makeup/Hair Design: Shannon Evans
Lighting Design: Alex Brady
Asst. Lighting Design: Matthew Kalkavage


Morgan Bannon Caleb Guenther Jennifer O’Leary
Bridget Bell David Hancock Carly Phillips
Alexandra Bernson Bella Howard Kiki Ramsey
Alex Brady Maria Jaunakais Michele Russo
Christine Campbell Bill Kirby Patricia Saiia
Heide Conran Bryn Krane Christopher Strackbein
Emily Davies Kevin Krane Michael Strackbein
Scott Gajewski Patricia Lovell Kristina Tardif
Steve Garrett Michael Martelli Shana Weiner
Julia Giokas David McGady Ed Wintermute
Carrie Gross Meighan Middleton