The Appeal 2010

The Appeal 2010
spirited productions is proud to announce its 2010 production…

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Plot Summary:

Michael and Satan_smEvents in Heaven, the City of Eternal Peace, have been less than peaceful in recent days. Mysterious messages from Hell bring strange news: Lucifer is suing Heaven to appeal his exile from Heaven. While on Earth, stories of violence and hopelessness slowly submit to better news and brighter horizons, tensions in Heaven run every day higher. Gabriel and the other Archangels struggle to understand how they could find themselves faced with the distasteful task of once again judging the Prince of Darkness. As they prepare for trial, Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael are dismayed to find that “the worst” keeps getting worse.

Freed from Lucifer’s temptations, the Earth actually prospers in peace; but in Heaven, however, battle lines are being drawn. At “the trial of the millennium,” many—including the Seraphim, the most revered of all angels—have gathered to await the final decision against Lucifer. What begins as an orderly trial quickly devolves into a legal circus complete with grandstanding, outbursts, and unfounded objections. As the second great trial in Heaven snowballs toward disaster, the Archangels somehow manage to provide Lucifer with a fair trial—and a verdict that threatens to turn Heaven upside-down.